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Aantal berichten : 546
Registratiedatum : 05-06-13
Leeftijd : 22
Woonplaats : A den in the snowy white fields of canada.

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Original Form

Name: Hoklonôte
Age: 626
Kind: Face dancer/Face chancer/shapeshifter
Gender: All and none. Original form is male.
Pronouns: All. In original form they prefer: Xe/Xem/Xyr or He/him/his.
character: sadistic, chaotic, hateful, world wrecker.
Hoklonôte is often seen as a weird and sadistic demon. He likes chaos and lives of that energy. As long as people are lying and causing chaos he will be there. There is one thing and one thing only that he hates. The truth.
Once in a while you can find him grinning. If you would be so lucky to see him when he does that.
Power: Hoklonôte can change his appearance at will. He usually changes in various humans but if he wants to he can change into any species he wants. Due to his preference for humans he likes the title "face dancer" or "face changer" more than just the simple shapeshifter title.
Apart from the shifting he has some mild control over fire and wind. He also has control over chaotic energy's and emotions.


Name: Belzar Venenifer LaVeyan
Better known under his patiënts as: Veneno Mortem
Age: 29
gender: Male
Profession: Doctor
Character: Sarcastic, Manipulative, Fascinated by poisons, Lightly sadistic.
History: Both of Belzar's parents were highly respected doctors. They were both amongst the best of their respective fields. However he was born to early. He should have been born two weeks later, when his parents were back in america. But no while they were in africa helping the people there his mother got bitten by a very venomous snake. His mother got treated and survived the attack but to make sure that he was also going to survive they needed to perform an emergency C-section. As was feared he was also affected by the poison. By the time he was born he was already as good as dead. He didn't respond to anything.
Belzar's heart was still beating, luckily. But that was about the only thing that was still working in his body. They couldn't check everything since all the necessary scans weren't available, but his parents were both pretty sure that his brain was as good as dead due to the neurotoxins in the snake venom.
His parents were in grieve because they knew that the change he survived was close to nothing. He got an injection of antivenom and they prayed for the best.
For the first day he didn't move at all. The only sings of life was still his heart beating. However on the morning of the second day he opened his eyes and cried for the first time. His parents were relieved and happy that their little baby boy survived.
This strange birth has led to his middle name "Venenifer" meaning venomous.
His parents didn't know yet that this all was only the tip of the iceberg. When they got back home and ran different scans on their baby boy they soon discovered that there was something wrong with him. The venom had permanently harmed him, how it did and what would happen was something they couldn't predict yet. So the only thing they could do was wait.
When he got older they learned that the venom had changed his nerves and neurotransmitters in his brain. This resulted in a full sensory synesthesia, meaning that all of his sences are linked to the others and his memories, a photographic memory and visualisations. That last one means that whenever he needs to calculate something he visualizes all the numbers, figures and such in front of him.
As Belzar got older he followed in his parents footsteps and studied to be a doctor. Although he had quite some different interests. One of those is an almost obsession with poisons and venoms. That and he likes experimenting.
To be able to make most out of his interests he applied for a job at an asylum and he loves it.


Name: Mele Ho'opi'i
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Orïentation: gay
Parents: Dionysus & Apollo ((she is a demigod))
Character: Can be quite sarcastic, hardly ever serious, likes to have fun, almost never sober, proud of her heritage.
Bio: Mele was born with a condition. She is colorbind. For a long time she wasn't able to see any colors, which ofcourse is oh so funny if you consider that one of her parents is the god of light and color is light. Did it annoy her? Yes. Did she hate it? Yes. Did she get frustrated everytime someone mentioned colors? Yep..
Did this hold her back though? Hell no. This only pushed Mele into pushing the boundaries of life. After a childhood of gray scale Mele decided that it was her choice to do what she wanted and that nature wasn't going to stop her. She got through school like a rocket, studying her ass off. As of now she has a major in engineering and specialized in biomedical engineering. She likes to toy around and think of new technology that can make the world a better place and help people. She also has a deep, very deep, love for biohacking. She herself is also a grinder, or in other words a biohacker. She normally refrains from doing procedures on other people, only doing them when the other is 200% sure of their cause and cant find or dont want any other person doing them.
One of the things Mele has made for herself, and got someone else to implant in the back of her skull, is an antenna. At the end of this antenna is a sensor that picks up colors. The colors get translated into sounds which are send from the base that is implanted in her skull to the bone directly. In this way she literally can hear the colors, apart from two colors. White and black both have no sound.
The antenna she has now is a few versions up from where she started. In the beginning it wasn't so much an implant but more headphones with a sensor that could only see colors. By developing it step by step she is now where she wants it to be. The first draft was just so she could "see" colors. But since then she changed her point of view and thinks: "Why should nature decide what we can and can't do?"
It is no surprise that she changed the sensor to not only pick up visible colors. This latest sensor picks up the whole color spectrum, visible colors, ultraviolet and infrared. They all have their own sounds and Mele can identify what color it is by those sounds.
Through this sensory antenna of hers Mele did develop sound to color synesthesia after long term wear of it. Since the sensor translates every color to a sound it is only natural that Mele translates every sound to a color.

This is not the only biohack she has, though it is one of the only two that are implants. The other implant, or to be precise two, are two little magnets. She has one in each of her ring finger of each hand. Through these magnets she can sense electric and magnetic fields, which proved very helpfull in her engineering studies.

Her other biohacks consist of an anklet she wears on her right ankle all the time that vibrates in the direction of the north. This way she can always tell which was is north, and other directions as well ofcourse.
Another one is a device she keeps strapped to her left upper arm thet is a seismic sensor. It is connected to the internet from which it is connected to numerous seismometers. If one of the seismometers pick up any movement it is send to her seismic sensor. So every time there is an earthquake or something like tht on the earth Mele can feel it in her arm.
And then there is her last biohack. These are earrings. But they have a few sensors in them that pick up movement. When they detect movement they vibrate, the intensity depending on the speed of the movement. These sensors make it so they can read all around Mele. So she is constantly aware of what is around her.

As said, she doesn't let nature limit herself anymore and she is always looking for new ways to enhance her sences and the human body.

Further more is Mele someone who enjoys a drink or two in its time. Or well... She is hardly ever sober to be honest. Because her motto is: "The best cure for a hangover? Keep drinking." And as a daughter of dionysus this doesn't really help her case..

Wait a minute!
The apple
Oh I do like that apple
Now what shall we do?
Love the apple. Hate the clothes! Oh well then in my underwear I guess. Looks so much better!

Name: Cassandra Cillian
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Character: Kind, caring, naïve, cheerful, optimistic. However can also be: Deceitful, narcissistic and highly destructive.
Other: Cassandra has an irrational fear of ravioli, seecretly wishes she is vietnamese and has a huge dislike of babies.
Other powers of her include:
- Photographic memory
- Full on synesthesia (thanks to a brain tumor which is slowly killing her.)
- Visualization, can visuali... something (cant think) information around her in the air to make complex calculations. These are only seen by her as it is actually her own thoughts that she sees in front of her.
- skilled in hand to hand combat (mostly contained until she becomes the worst version of herself)
- Magic. At one point in time she was turned into some version of merlin, able to use his powers. After she changed back to herself she was still able to use magic, although not to the extent as before. However after a lot of practise she got back even. Meaning she is aproaching the full power she had before, making her a witch to be reckoned wit.
Cassandra also posesses an item called the "apple of discord". This is the apple that started a huge fight between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. It is also considered linked to the apple that Eve ate, which got Adam and Eve banished out of Eden. You know the apple that brought sin into the world?  Yeah that one.
No matter which version you chose it is a bad sign. So is this one.
Cassandra doesnt /always/ have it with her, but if she does then it is hung from a necklace. This is since the apples powers activate when it is hold in one of the persons hands. This might seem like a disadvantage at first but you will quickly understand that it isn't that necessarily. If cassandra doesnt have it with her at the time but does need it she can summon it to her location through her magic.

Trance Gemini
Core/Sun form

Name: Trance Gemini
Gender: Genderless (appears female)
Age: Couple of billions of years
Race: Interstellar alien race who are embodiments of stellar bodies.
Embodiment: Trance is the embodiment of a sun (star Razz )
Character: Mysterious yet friendly. Usually keeps to herself. Kinda silent. Loyal. very green thumbs.
Powers: A myriad of multidimensional based powers. She can control the sun she is the embodiment of and through this she herself can also change into a sun form. When she herself is a sun she can also go supernova at will. Apart from changing her total appearance she can also focus a miniature sun in her hand which she can use to attack others, by throwing it or sending a beam from her hands.
Trance is also a being that is neither alive nor dead. She just simply exists. She just is there at the time and place you see her, not bound to that time and place however. See Trance exists outside of time and space. As such she has an understanding of the universe outside of temporal restrictions. This causes her to be able to know when future events will happen. Although she can't really see into the future.
Trance is also able to manipulate time. Although she grows plants for that and uses them for that power. Not that she necessarily needs them but it allows for a more controlled way. The plants she uses for this she grows herself, most resemble bonzai trees.
Last but not least Trance exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She is split over every dimension and universe, even between them all. This brings different pros and cons with them. The biggest pros are that she knows what happens everywhere, since all her versions are linked to eachother. That and she can move freely around universes, being able to teleport all over the place by just thinking of a place. The biggest con however is that by leading so many different lives at the same time she can get quite lost at what is "real". She never knows if the timeline she is in or the dimension she is in is a real one, is one that will go on.
As I make you, I am able to destroy you.
As I destroy you, I am able to create.

Happy squealing

Name: Ariel
Gender: Female
Age: 573
Species: Fairy
Character: Happy, friendly, outspoken, quick to anger.
Powers: A multitude of different things which mostly fit into the following categorys; weather manipulation, gravity/space manipulation, time manipulation and "others" or how she prefers to call it: Magic. Although it isn't the same as what most people think of as magic, it does bear resemblance with it.

We are not our skin.
never understood by others. Forever alone.
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Lupus_arctos' characters
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